Explosive falling blocks game


  • Three game modes
  • Online high scores


  • Tired game concept


If you're a fan of falling blocks games such as Tetris or Columns, then you might want to try Ka-Glom.

The twist on the genre in Ka-Glom is that some of the blocks are charged with explosives, and you have to blow-up blocks in order to clear the board. There are two block types, but only the Ka-Glom jelly is explosive. You need to connect four Ka-Gloms for them to explode and destroy all the surrounding blocks. The bigger the chain reaction, the more points you score.

There are three different game modes in Ka-Glom: Normal, Time Attack and Puzzle. The first two are fairly similar, but the puzzle game is particularly interesting, charging you with the task of replicating a particular pattern of blocks, which proves a great challenge. Ka-Glom even includes network capabilities for submitting high scores and taking on other players online.

Ka-Glom makes a decent effort to add something new to the falling blocks game genre, but it still isn't different enough to be anything more than an average puzzler.




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